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Water Resources

Library - ADCPs for Inland Applications

Water Resources Primers

"Estimating longitudinal dispersion in rivers using Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers
Advances in Water Resources 33 (2010); Chaopeng Shen, Jie Niu and Mantha S. Phanikumar (Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Michigan State University), Eric J. Anderson (CILER, University of Michigan).

"ADCPs: A Reliable and Versatile Tool for Measuring Inland Waters"

Technical Papers / Articles

Impact of sound attenuation by suspended sediment on ADCP backscatter calibrations By, M. G. Sassi and A. J. F. Hoitink and B. Vermeulen

Measuring the Dispersion Coefficient with Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers
Meredith L. Carr and Chris R. Rehmann, M.ASCE, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering© ASCE, August 2007

“V-ADCP_A New Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler for Measuring Water Velocity, Level, and Flow in Open Channels or Large Pipes”, 2009 IAHR Proceedings; August 2009; by Hening Huang, Teledyne RD Instruments, USA; Fajun Wang, Dalian Maritime University and Zhanping Xi, Teledyne RD Technology (Shanghai) Ltd., China.

"Real-Time Discharge Monitoring During Flood Season Using Broadband H-ADCP at Huangling Temple Hydrology Station Downstream Three Gorges Dam in Yangtze River", 5th Annual Mekong Flood Forum Country Reports and Papers; Pgs 227-234, 2007 ; by Hening Huang, Teledyne RD Instruments, USA; and Li Yun-Zhong, Hu Yan-Peng, Ye De-Xun, China.

"Remote Sampling of River Discharge Using Radar and Sonar Methods", Sea Technology; Feb. 2006; by Peter Spain, Teledyne RD Instruments, Donald Barrick and Calvin Teague, CODAR Ocean Sensors, Ltd.

"River Discharge Monitoring Using Horizontal Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (H-ADCP), 2006; by Hening Huang, Teledyne RD Instruments, USA.

"Index-Velocity Rating Development for Rapidly Changing Flows in an Irrigation Canal using Broadband StreamPro ADCP and ChannelMaster H-ADCP", Rivers '04 1st International Conference on Managing Rivers in the 21st Century: Issues and Challenges; 2004; Hening Huang, RD Instruments.

"U.S. Stream Flow Measurement and Data Dissemination Improve", EOS, Vol. 85, No. 20, 18 May 2004, by Robert M. Hirsch, USGS Washington, D.C; and John E. Costa, USGS, Portland, OR.

"Yangtze River ADCP Discharge Measurement Using Multiple External Sensor Inputs", Proceedings of the IEEE/OES Seventh Working Conference on Current Measurement Technology; 2002; by Randy Marsden, Hening Huang, RD Instruments, USA; and Chen Song-sheng, Ye De-xun, Wei Jin-chun, P.R. China.


PowerPoint Tutorials

StreamPro Power Point Presentations:
>>StreamPro Intro
>>StreamPro Software
>>StreamPro Field Results
>>StreamPro Features

ChannelMaster Power Point Presentations:
>>ChannelMaster Intro
>>ChannelMaster Advantages
>>ChannelMaster Features

Discover the Power of Modes:
>>Mode 11: For measuring very slow flow, very low-noise data, or high resolution velocity profiles: RDI'S Pulse-to-Pulse Coherent Mode 11
Mode 12: For operating in shallow, fast flows: RDI's Mode 12


Application Notes (PDFs)

RiverRay ADCP:
Download >>RiverRay Application Note: Mississippi River Rio Comparison

Download >>StreamPro Application Note: Germany Trials
Download >>StreamPro Application Note: Imperial Irrigation Dist.

Download >>ChannelMaster Application Note: Irish Bayou
Download >>ChannelMaster Application Note: Measurements of Extremely Low Flows Using Broadband ChannelMaster Horizontal ADCP in Waiqin River, Nanjing, China
Download >>ChannelMaster H-ADCP Application Note: ChannelMaster 1200 kHz Horizontal ADCP Discharge Measurements at Check 13 on the Imperial Irrigation District West Highline Canal

Download >>StreamPro and ChannelMaster Application Note: Index-Velocity Rating Development for Rapidly Changing Flows in an Irrigation Canal Using Broadband StreamPro ADCP and ChannelMaster Horizontal ADCP


Technical Notes

Teledyne RD Instruments Technical Note:
Download >>Why an ADCP Doesnít Need Compass Data for Discharge Calculation


Poster Papers

Poster Paper Title: Subtidal Modulation of Tidal Currents on the Northeast Brazilian Shelf
Authors: Marcio L. Vianna and Viviane V. Menezes
Presented at: II Brazilian Symposium on Oceanography (II Simposio Brasileiro de Oceanografia), May 31 - June 4 , 2004
>>download PDF (290 kb)

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