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Teledyne RDI's Tech Tips

Understanding the technology behind our products, and the techniques you can use in the field will greatly assist you in your product selection, product deployment and data collection experience. 

It will also help you to appreciate the significant technical advantage and increased performance that only Teledyne RDI can provide to you. Please click on any of the many informative tutorials listed below for a concise tutorial.

NEW: Optimizing Your ADCP Setup

Part 1: PRIMER POINTS: For Improved Understanding of ADCP Operation
Part 2: TECH PAGES: Brief Reviews of RDI's ADCP Technology

*ADCP Data Gallery*

Part 1: PRIMER POINTS: For Improved Understanding of ADCP Operation
(Interactive Presentations require Internet Explorer 5 or later.)

General Product Capabilities
Introduction to the method used for measuring velocity profiles with BroadBand ADCP
BroadBand Basics, BroadBand Basics 2, BroadBand Basics 3
Animated explanation of how ADCP velocity profiles are assembled
Velocity Profile Blueprint
Answers to popular questions about the ADCP operating envelope
FAQ Velocity Profile Set-Up, FAQ Depth Cells
Briefing on RDI’s Data Quality Indicators and how to use them together
Data Quality Assurance & Control
Review of choices and consequences for setting up the ADCP
Understanding ADCP Performance
Highlights of RDI’s new mode for operating in shallow, fast flows
Mode 12
Synopsis of why ADCPs use 4 beams
Advantages of 4 Beams
Analysis of the ADCP Waves Array, review of display screens in RDI’s Waves software
ADCP Waves Array, ADCP Waves Software

Part 2: TECH PAGES: Brief Reviews of RDI’s ADCP technology

For measuring very slow flow, very low-noise data, or high resolution velocity profiles...
RDI'S Pulse-to-Pulse Coherent Mode 11
RDI's ADCPs use patented BroadBand™ technology.
Broadband™ ADCP Advantages
RDI's ADCPs and DVLs offer a diverse range of measurement capabilities
RDI'S Bottom Tracking
RDI's 4-Beam Solution vs. 3-beam systems
Four Beams
Summary of Mode 12's Improved ADCP Advantages
Mode 12
RDI's patented 2-d Phased Array technology expands the scope of ADCP and DVL performance and widens our range of configurations.
RDI'S Phased Array Technology
RDI's patented ADCP Waves Array applies acoustic profiling technology to measuring directional wave data and current profiles at the same time and from a single device.
RDI'S ADCP Waves Array