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Meet our Teledyne RDI-U Trainers
Mr. Greg Rivalan – Technical Services Supervisor – MSEE&MSOE
(Coastal Environments and Navigation)
Gregory Rivalan Medal Secondary Product Support: Navigator DVL, Explorer DVL, Remus DVL, CobraTAC

Greg joined Teledyne RD Instrument as a Field Service Engineer in 2005 and is aligned with the Navigation Product Line. Before joining Teledyne RD Instruments, Greg obtained a Master of Science in France in Signal Processing and Telecommunication. Greg went on to Florida Atlantic University to complete a second Master of Science in Ocean Engineering. His experience in Ocean Engineering and strong theoretical background makes him a great addition to the Customer Service Group and to our group of trainers at TRDI University.Greg received a promotion to Technical Services Supervisor position in 2007 and since then has been managing the Field Service department.
Mr. Dan Murphy - Field Support Engineering
(Inland and Coastal Environments)
Daniel Murphy Medal Product Champion: StreamPro, ChannelMaster, River Ray, WorkHorse Rio, Grande, VADCP, WinRiverII
Secondary Product Support: NEMO, Waves, Horizontal Waves

Dan Murphy joined Teledyne RD Instruments in 2003. Dan has a strong background in serial communications, which he applies on a daily basis. He worked for many years in the nuclear measurement field, focused on instrumentation. Since joining Teledyne RDI he has applied himself to understanding "water in motion and motion in water". Dan maintains Smartlink on the web, which is a one stop shop for software / firmware with up- to-the-moment information on the Water Resources line of products. In his role as field service engineer, Dan continues to interact with customers on regular basis and provides feedback to our engineers and Product Line teams. Customers frequently share their appreciation for Dan's hard work and assistance.
Mr. Scott Idle - Field Support Engineering
(Coastal and Ocean Environments)
Scott Idle Medal Product Champion: Ocean Surveyor, Broadband, SRD500
Secondary Product Support: Navigator DVL, Remus DVL, Waves, Horizontal Waves, DVS, HADCP.

Scott Idle joined Teledyne RD Instruments over 21 years ago, testing Narrowband ADCPs. While working in engineering and repair technician positions, Scott earned an AS degree focusing on math and science. He subsequently joined the Customer Service Group working as a Field Service Engineer. Over a nine year period, he commissioned ADCP installations in many vessels and trained ADCP operators at their sites as well as in our home office. He transferred to our Software/Firmware Engineering group, and spent three years performing firmware verification tests. Recently, Scott returned to a Field Service Engineer position in the Customer Service Group. His combined experience in Customer Service and Field Service is extrememly valuable.
Mr. Matt Burdyny – Field Service Engineering
Mr. Matt Burdyny MedalProduct Champion: Navigator DVL, Explorer DVL, Remus DVL, CobraTac, Citadel CTD, Waves, Horizontal Waves
Secondary Product Support: DVS, StreamPro, WinRiver II, WorkHorse Rio Grande

Matt is one of those “great finds” that we came across via our long-standing support of student ROV / AUV competitions. We crossed paths with Matt quite often as the Team Leader for the University of Victoria Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Team, and were always impressed with his talent and professionalism. Matt recently graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. We are already eagerly putting his talents and enthusiasm to work supporting our customers as a member of the Field Service Engineering group aligned to the Navigation business, products and applications.


Mr. Daniel Pedraza – Field Service Engineering
(Marine Measurements)
Mr. Daniel Pedraza MedalProduct Champion: DVS, NEMO
Secondary Product Support: Ocean Surveyor, Explorer DVL, ChannelMaster, CTD, RiverRay, VADCP.

Daniel Pedraza joined RDI in 2004 as a member of the Repair Department. During that time in the Repair Department, Daniel troubleshot, repaired and tested most of the ADCPs which make up RDI’s product catalog. Daniel’s electronics training was obtained in the US Navy’s Guided Missile School and soon after he specialized in the operation and maintenance of slotted phase-array search and track radars systems. Daniel is latest addition to the Field Service Team.


Dr. Peter Spain – Scientific & Technical Marketing
Dr. Peter Spain – Scientific & Technical Marketing

Prior to joining Teledyne RD Instruments in 1990, Peter Spain completed a Ph.D. in Ocean Physics at the Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington, after which he was at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. His research was focused on new instruments used for measuring water transport. During his 14 years in Technical Marketing at Teledyne RDI, Peter’s role has progressed from staff to management in Technical Marketing and Sales. Peter has served as the Product Line manager for the Coastal and Inland Waters group. Most recently, Peter has been working on RDI’s scientific and technical marketing, where his projects include the new tech tips page on Teledyne RDI’s web site.


Mr. Jerry Mullison – Research Scientist
Mr. Jerry Mullison, Scientific Business Development Jerry received a Bachelor’s Degree in physics from UC Berkeley in 1990 and a Master’s Degree in Oceanography from Scripps Institution of Oceanography in 1996. Since then he has worked for a handful of oceanographic instrumentation companies, and has spent the bulk of his time pursuing application development projects for ADCPs.


Mr. Paul Devine – Marine Measurements CTD/DVS Product Line Sales Manager
Mr. Paul Devine, Coastal Sales Engineer Paul Devine holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Delaware as well as a Masters in Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering from the University of Florida. After college, Paul spent several years as a coastal engineer at Moffatt & Nichol Engineers. Paul puts his credentials to work every day providing pre-sales support for customers working in the engineering, environmental, ecological, and coastal oceanographic fields.