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RD Instruments Restructures Business Units to Accommodate Significant Growth

San Diego, CA, February 16, 2004 -- Due to significant and continuous growth in product sales, combined with several new strategic markets and directives, RD Instruments has recently restructured their business units to better accommodate this evolving trend.

RD Instruments recently completed FY 2003 with over $30M in booked orders. This number is up significantly from 2002, and represents a steep upward trend over the past 4 years. In an effort to continue to capitalize on new market opportunities, while maintaining superior products, service and support, the organization is now comprised of the following three business units:

  1. Marine Measurements, which includes all ADCP and Waves products for environments ranging from estuaries to full ocean depth, offshore applications. The business unit leader is Darryl Symonds.
  2. Water Resources, which is comprised of flow and discharge measurement tools for the inland environment, including rivers, streams and man-made channels. The business unit leader is Earl Childress.
  3. Navigation, which is comprised of the Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) products, as well as greatly expanded diver technologies for commercial and military diver applications.

Although this change will be transparent to most customers, some of your existing points of contact may change. For an updated list of contacts within the sales/marketing department, please visit contact_sales.html, or contact Gina Lopez (Tel. 858.842.2600 / e-mail: