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DVLs for ROV Applications

Oceaneering ROV
Oceaneering ROV
Photo courtesy Oceaneering

Quest ROV
Quest ROV
Photo courtesy Quest
Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)
ROVs are increasingly being asked to perform more demanding and complex tasks. An increasing number of DVLs are currently in use on ROVs to monitor vehicle motion and speed.

he DVL can also be used to enhance the current industry standard automatic control modes (heading and depth) to include station-keeping. This works in the same manner as a vessel DP system, providing a true ROV dynamic positioning capability. This allows the operator to automatically control vehicle motion and position, and focus on other tasks.

Teledyne RDI’s DVLs are installed on a growing number of ROVs.  A partial list of these platforms includes:

• Schilling Robotics
• Oceaneering International
• Lockheed Martin
• SAAB Underwater Systems
• Perry Slingsby Systems
• Phoenix International
• Sperre AS
• Sonsub