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Teledyne RDI DVLs for Diver Applications

CobraTac Diver Navigation System.Ý Designed and manufactured by Teledyne RD Instruments.

CobraTac Diver Navigation System. Designed and manufactured by Teledyne RD Instruments.

Teledyne RD Instrumentsí leading edge Doppler velocity technology is now available for diver navigation applications in the form of the new COBRA-TAC Diver Navigation and Mapping System.

COBRA-TAC has been designed by Teledyne RDI to assist military and commercial divers in reconnaissance and mapping applications. This navigation and survey platform is completely autonomous and operates without the need for acoustic baselines or floating surface buoys. By integrating the data from a Doppler Velocity Log (DVL), fluxgate compass and pressure transducer, COBRA-TAC allows the diver to quickly and easily map the bottom topography, navigate accurate grid patterns, mark and relocate waypoints, and survey the bottom using geodetic data points.

In addition to the commercially available COBRA-TAC system, Teledyne RDI has also acquired over $12M in build-to-print contracts for U.S. military diver applications. These programs allow Teledyne RDI to continually expand their knowledge and expertise of diver navigation technology, and in turn, apply this aptitude to their commercially available diver products.

Diver DVLs are installed on many military and commercial surface vessels,
either stand alone, or as a component of an integrated navigation system.
Photo courtesy CSS - Panama City, FL